Window Materials

When you purchase new windows for your home, you’re investing in more than just glass and a frame; your window selection can improve your home’s energy efficiency, air flow, and security while reducing outside noises, harmful UV rays, and inconsistent indoor temperatures. From window styles and colors to brands and materials, our team recognizes that there are a multitude of options to consider. That’s why we provide thorough in-home estimates and expert guidance to ensure our customers are fully satisfied with their purchase for years to come.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows offer customers a low-maintenance, affordable option when it comes to replacement windows. Our reputable brands, including Andersen Windows & Doors and Alliance Window Systems, carefully design vinyl windows to withstand inclement weather conditions, showcasing resistance against rot, corrosion, cracks, and more. Further highlighting the hassle-free maintenance of these windows, customers do not have to worry about painting or staining these windows, allowing them to enjoy the effortless upkeep of their vinyl windows.

Wood Windows

Wood windows are another popular option. Supplied by top brands, such as Andersen Windows & Doors and Lincoln Windows, our wood windows are composed of clad on the exterior and wood on the interior, offering customers a lower-maintenance and more durable option compared to windows made entirely from wood. Our wood windows are more expensive than vinyl windows, but they offer a timeless beauty and elegance to your home’s interior while providing excellent insulation and energy efficiency.

Our Reputable Brands

Oxbowindo is committed to selling windows from trusted, reputable brands in our industry. This ensures every customer enjoys high-quality, durable products that lead to long-term satisfaction through their exceptional performance at a competitive price point. We are proud to sell and install windows from the following reputable brands:

  • Alliance Window Systems: As a reputable brand with proficient manufacturers, Alliance Window Systems is committed to crafting stylish, high-quality windows for our customers. By selecting the right building techniques, glass, and framing materials, Alliance continues their effort toward saving homeowners money on their heating and cooling bills. From their stylish, contemporary designs to their energy efficiency, Alliance designs windows for every taste and aesthetic.

  • Andersen Windows & Doors: Backed by strong and trustworthy warranties, Andersen leverages their knowledge and experience to create high-quality, durable windows that promote healthy homes and enhance indoor/outdoor living. With a diverse selection of colors and styles to choose from, you are sure to find a window that seamlessly complements your home with Andersen.

  • Lincoln Windows: With over six decades of experience expertly crafting windows, Lincoln is sure to enhance your home’s overall aesthetic while providing you with outstanding performance. With wood being at the center of their business, Lincoln starts their process with a high-quality grade of lumber to deliver remarkable results with each and every window.

Trust the experts at Oxbowindo to provide you with seasoned expertise and guidance to ensure you select the window material that best suits your vision, maintenance requirements, and financial parameters. To learn more about the differences between vinyl and wood windows, please contact us today!