Bay Windows

Bay windows not only constitute a unique architectural feature within your home, but they also add depth to your room while providing you with a better, more expansive view of your landscape. These stunning windows tremendously enhance the overall appearance of your home, both on the inside and the outside, but, over time, they may show signs of wear and tear or damage. Should you notice indications of a seal failure, air leakage, or rotting wood, Oxbowindo will provide you with quality replacements at a fair, competitive price.

Benefits of New, Updated Bay Windows

Many of our customers come to us with various complaints regarding their current windows. Sometimes, customers are looking for newer, more updated windows to elevate the aesthetics of their home. Other times, customers complain of high energy bills due to drafty, deteriorated windows. There are other cases where a window may not be operating appropriately, or it is showing signs of damage. Whatever the case may be, the team at Oxbowindo is here to help.

Depending on your selection, there is an assortment of benefits you can experience following Oxbowindo's installation of your new-and-improved replacement windows, including:

  • Lower heating & cooling bills

  • More consistent indoor temperature

  • Improved curb appeal

  • Increased property value

  • Reduced risk of UV exposure

  • Improved security of the home

  • And more

The Difference Between Bay & Bow Windows

Although both bay and bow windows protrude outward from the main walls of a home, there are some key differences between the window designs that are worth noting. Bay windows usually consist of three windows that are angled together to form a geometric shape, whereas bow windows typically consist of four or more windows that create more of a rounded appearance. These windows are chosen based on personal preference and architectural design of a home.

Endless Options to Choose From

At Oxbowindo, we are committed to carrying an assortment of window brands, materials, and colors to choose from, ensuring every customer finds the perfect windows for their home. Regardless of the window you choose, you can rest assured that Oxbowindo exclusively carries quality windows from leading manufacturers, ensuring every customer receives products they can rely on.

Replace your outdated, damaged, or deteriorated bay windows with help from the professionals at Oxbowindo. Contact us today for more information, or schedule your free in-home estimate with one of our experts!